Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eating My Way to Health

Hello and welcome to my blog! I guess this is where I say a little something about myself. I am a rather complicated person, and describing myself would probably take a few volumes, but here are a few bullet points that succinctly sums me up:

  • I love food, eating, cooking, any thing to do with food
  • My eating habits have been royally fucked up for the past few years
  • I want to change my life around by becoming a healthy freak

Yep, that's pretty much all you need to know about me. Oh, and I am also a second year college undergraduate, shuttling myself back and forth between the east coast and the Midwest to attend an overpriced university. So part of the year (school), I am scraping by in my dorm room, without a kitchen, using public transportation to lug myself to the grocery store and back. When I am at home, I have a kitchen chock full of cooking equipment and appliances, and farmer's markets and grocery stores that I can easily reach by car. 

Guess which stage I am in right now? Yep, it's March, it's snowing(?!) outside, and I am stuck in a tiny dorm in the Midwest. Without a kitchen. Or a car. Luckily, I'm pretty clever and I can hack my way through the perils of college cafeteria food and still eat healthily.

Oh yea, I should probably elaborate on that second bullet point. My eating habits are really messed up. Most of the time, I eat too little. A lot of the time I eat too much. That is the oxymoron of binging and purging. I have never been diagnosed with an eating disorder by a professional, but I don't need a professional to tell me that something needs to change. I am sick of hating my body and treating it like a dumpster. I am sick of feeling sick, depressed, alone with my secret.  After years of it, my bones and joints started to ache, I had insomnia, indigestion, heart palpitations, chest pain, constipation, heart burn, and weakness. If I continue with my disorder, I know that it will eventually kill me.

I am going to turn my life around, even if that means that I am going to turn into a complete health nut. At least I'll be healthy, strong, and alive :)

To Health,

The Challenged Health Nut

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  1. Hey Challenged Health Nut, thank you for sharing your personal story. Ohsheglows mentioned us in her wornderful post on Pumpkin Pie Chia Pudding post and I wanted to check your website and your story out. Hope your journey is moving along and you are regaining control over your eating habits! It is a continuous practice for many of us. Staying mindful is an important skill that can help on this sometimes not so easy road.
    Let's stay connected!