Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hump Day

It's Wednesday night, and the week is more than half over! This post is just going to be my ramblings about my week, so feel free to bypass it.

I felt pretty crappy on Monday and Tuesday, and to be truthful, I've fallen off my healthy eating routine wagon. It was thunder storming on Monday, so I ran 3 miles indoors at the gym instead of my usual run in the neighborhood. On Tuesday, I had no energy and had no motivation to work out, so I didn't do anything except for walking back and forth to class. I skipped out on work, as well. Ugh, some days, I just feel too depressed to do anything. I don't know what triggered it, maybe the cruddy weather or feeling stressed out, but I binged on a bunch of crap foods that made me feel like crap.

Haha, I used crap a lot in that paragraph. Well, I'm hopping back on track and pulling myself out of this slump. Today, I went for a short run in the evening. I wanted to run more, but I didn't drink enough water during the day and was dehydrated. Need to make sure I'm getting enough water. Afterwards, I fueled up on a green smoothie with collard greens, spinach, cucumber, 1/2 an avocado, and chia seeds. Yummy and refreshing :)

Well, two more days until the weekend! Nothing much is going on, but my mood always seems to improve the closer it is to Friday. I just need something to look forward to.


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